Valheim: Mighty Castles can also be made Solo in 200 Hours

Valheim: Mighty Castles can also be made Solo in 200 Hours

In Valheim, one player alone built a gigantic base in 200 hours.

The survival hit Valheim is designed for cooperative adventures, but a lot can also be achieved on your own. One player proves, for example, that gigantic bases can be built solo with a lot of time and effort.

An impressive solo project in Valheim

What did the player achieve? Player FallenQbuilds shows his fortress on Youtube. He created this all by himself in the survival game Valheim, without any other players helping him.

What does this fortress look like? FallenQbuilds went to great lengths. A wide moat is drawn around the base, filled with water, the walls are made of stone. The wooden castle weir with a thatched roof and the high round towers offer a view on all sides.

In the middle you can see the main building, the great hall in which there is a throne. Inside the fortress, the player has set up workbenches and forges as well as stores for raw materials.

How did he do it? FallenQbuilds states that it took him 200 hours to build this version of his fortress. However, this time was not only spent on building, but also on collecting the raw materials.

Is the project finished yet? No. The video clearly shows that there is still free space on the construction site. The Valheim player himself states that there is still a lot to be done. The castle will be expanded significantly over time and will be even larger in the end.

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How is the base perceived in the community? The video is very popular on YouTube. The much work that FallenQbuilds put into its building is definitely recognized.

What does the project show us? Even if you play Valheim alone, you have the opportunity to build such structures. You only need the necessary time and ambition to collect all the raw materials, lay out a layout for the fortress and then erect the buildings.

So it is fun to play the Steam hit Valheim alone and it is possible to achieve great things.

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