The Las Vegas Raiders welcomed coach Josh McDaniels, who had a triumphant debut.

Josh Jacobs, rookie Zamir White and Austin Walter ran well on a waterlogged field, and the Raiders beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 27-11 Thursday in the Hall of Fame Game that kicked off the NFL preseason .

The loss instead soured Doug Pederson’s debut as Jacksonville quarterback.

McDaniels grew up in this historic football town. He played for his parents Thom at McKinley High School in Canton and on this field.

“It was a unique opportunity. I am very grateful to have had her,” McDaniels said. “This is the first time I’ve been to this Hall of Fame game in 22 years. Having the opportunity to do it with him here, with my family and the people who helped me along the way made tonight a very special one that I enjoyed.”

Derek Carr and Davante Adams warmed up but didn’t get a chance to play their first game together since they were at Fresno State.

Carr, a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback, and Adams, an All-Pro wide receiver acquired in a colossal trade from Green Bay, were among many starters who sat out for both teams.

Trevor Lawrence wore a hat with the bill turned upside down while he stood on the Jacksonville sideline. The Jaguars used third quarterback Lake Luton.

The first NFL preseason game started 40 minutes late, due to a thunderstorm that forced fans to seek shelter.

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