Monica Lewinsky has a clear message for Beyoncé

Monica Lewinsky has a clear message for Beyoncé

The American fashion designer suggested that the artist remove a mention of her from the lyrics of the song “Partition”, published in 2013

After the controversy caused by the song ‘Heated’ from the new album by Beyoncé, “Renaissance”, after which the singer would have decided to delete a term that is offensive to people with disabilities; problems are piling up for the queen of pop. And it is that Monica Lewinsky has taken advantage of this moment to launch a clear suggestion.

The American fashion designer suggested to the artist to remove a mention about her in the lyrics of the song “Partition”, published in 2013.

“While we’re at it… ‘Partition,’” Lewinsky wrote on Twitter. The song in particular talks about the affair that she starred in with former US President Bill Clinton; an infidelity that caused a scandal in the White House: “He unbuttoned all the buttons and tore my blouse / He did a Monica Lewinsky to my whole dress,” says the song.

But these are not the only controversies, Beyoncé was also forced to change the song “Energy” on Wednesday to remove a fragment of the hip-hop classic “Milkshake” after her singer, Kelis, said that no one had asked her permission to use it, even though the composers of the song were credited.

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