LAS VEGAS – NASCAR on Saturday uncovered a clearly altered glove Joey Logano wore in qualifying at Atlanta Motor Speedway with aerodynamic modifications that made it resemble an amphibious suit.

The black glove on Logano’s left hand had unspecified material between each finger, leading to suggestions that the garment served as an aerodynamic blocker during qualifying, where the driver managed to finish second at Atlanta last weekend.

Logano would have taken his hand out of the window to use the glove as an aerodynamic blocker.

At Las Vegas Motor Speedway a week later, NASCAR did not disclose the reason for the penalty imposed on the two-time Cup champion or Team Penske, which did not appeal the punishment.

Denny Hamlin questioned the use of the glove; Corey Lajoie added to the criticism.

Logano, who won the pole in Sunday’s race at Las Vegas while wearing legal gloves, declined to comment on whether he used the altered accessory when he won the first pole at the Daytona 500. He denied that his team forced him to wear the glove.

“As a driver, you work with the team and I’m going to take some of the responsibility for that,” Logano said. “I didn’t fabricate the glove on my own. I don’t know how to sew.”

Brad Moran, NASCAR Cup Series general manager, said the car was one of five randomly selected for inspection after qualifying at Atlanta and the camera alerted track officials that something was wrong.

All equipment must be approved by The SFI Foundation Inc. and NASCAR was unsure if the material used was non-flammable. Logano said he never would have used the glove if he thought it was dangerous.

He was fined $10,000 this week for violating NASCAR’s safety code.

Team owner Roger Penske twice told The Associated Press he disagreed with Logano’s infraction and was disappointed in his decision to wear the garment.

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