Justin Jefferson ‘s first 2 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings in the National Football League ( NFL ) have been nothing short of spectacular, being one of the best wide receivers since he set foot on the professional grid.

In statements made to the journalist Kameron Hay of the Complex Sports site, the talented 23-year-old player was humbled by still putting Davante
Adams as the best receiver in the NFL, however, he has his sights on knocking him off the top in his next season.
” I’d say after this year I’m going to be the best receiver in the NFL. I definitely have to give it to Davante Adams from now on, being so crazy and dynamic on the field. His route execution is insane, so I definitely have to give it to him.” him right now, but I’m pretty sure after this year, it’s going to be me ,” Jefferson commented.

All a star

At the end of his rookie year, Justin Jefferson had 1,400 yards, 88 receptions, and 7 touchdowns, numbers that rose to 1,616 yards, second in the league, with 10 touchdowns, sixth in the league, and 108 total receptions, fourth in
the league.

As revealed by the official site NFL.com, Jefferson’s 3,016 total yards are the most in history for a receiver in his first 2 years as a professional. Jefferson has been selected 2 times to the Pro Bowl , and 2 times to the All Pro second team in his first 2 years, and everything seems to indicate that he will do nothing more than continue improving his statistics, which are already spectacular.

“I’m just trying to keep up with those greats, trying to be next to them in the Hall of Fame. I didn’t expect to be at the top of the league so soon, but all the hard work I’ve done and all the things I’ve sacrificed in my career and in my life to make me this type of player, it’s definitely a blessing that all these things come to me so soon ,”added Jefferson.”

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