Radiant! Demi Rose stirs up the nets from Ibiza with a brand new dark swimsuit

Radiant! Demi Rose stirs up the nets from Ibiza with a brand new dark swimsuit

Demi Rose, the angel of Great Britain who flew for hours to reach Spain, today, became that being that everyone turned to see for her perfection and praised for hours to position her username (of social networks) in the first place of the topics of the day, since his identity began to circulate through each medium after presenting two photographs on his Instagram account that left millions of users in the clouds.

And it is that the one born in Great Britain spoke again on her official account, something she did not do for a week while she enjoyed certain privileges during her adventure in Ibiza, Spain. The last time Demi appeared on the internet was to show her audience that she loves flowers, pink and white, and that’s how big her beautiful heart is that beats with love and passion for being well cared for and doing what she’s dreamed of since she began, in the last decade, to live on social networks.

Rose’s talent lies in modeling luxury outfits, whether on runways or on her social pages. Parallel to what she does as an ‘instagramer’, she promotes such outfits, including beauty products that take care of his entire monument until it shines when she relaxes in the pool and wears a swimsuit that intercepts the eyes of others, this time a beautiful swimsuit and excessively ‘sticky’ in black highlights its tremendous beauty.

The British went for a swim in the afternoon after visiting those places that she had not seen up close. As she left with a deep smile, she took advantage of the remaining hours to get ready and see herself as a sweet princess, on the shore of the island of Ibiza, she contemplated the sunset. The panorama was nothing but beautiful, Demi Rose said it gently and to recover that image she decided to join in it by posing in Queen mode, leaving her rear guard and her beautiful gaze in the air next to the last light of the ‘ blond’.

“Swim at sunset”, she wrote in the caption of his publication that joins the posts with the highest number of “likes” in this current year. Her posting foot was to climb the metal stairs and as she directed her gaze to the front, she glimpsed the design of her swimsuit that raised sighs and accurately defined the beautiful body that Demi Rose presumes to put on her more than 19.9 with a lot of nerve and anxiety. millions of followers. She was born on March 27, 1995, celebrates 27 years.

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