Jesé: “I look at the playoffs, I have not come here to walk”

Jesé: “I look at the playoffs, I have not come here to walk”

Las Palmas burst the winter market with the signing of Jesé Rodríguez, announced shortly before the souk closed on Monday. After passing the medical examination yesterday, signing his contract with the Gran Canaria entity until June 30, the winger was presented a few minutes ago at the club’s Sports City.

Jesé insisted that he arrives “with the illusion of a child”, but he is aware of his momentary limitations. “Physically I’m fine and, if it were up to me, I’d play tomorrow. But that is not possible: I need an adaptation process together with the team ”, he insisted.

For now, you know what to expect: “Yesterday I had a very positive meeting with Pepe Mel. We both strongly agree on what I can contribute, and I came out more motivated than I was already ”.

Make sure you are “In the ideal place” for him, and that money is not exactly his main motivation: “I had better offers from abroad; they were good contracts for me and they even gave me family support. But the most important thing for me now is to be happy and not money ”.

Likewise, it exudes ambition: “If I didn’t watch the playoffs, I’d be here for a walk. And I have not come to Las Palmas to walk ”.

These were his main reflections in his, things of the COVID-19, telematic appearance:

New Jesé:

“I arrive in Las Palmas with the illusion of a child. The past is behind me and I don’t want to talk about it. Now I come to a different project than the previous one but that also interests me a lot. I want to earn my job day by day. I will respect my teammates and everything that the coach decides. I really want to start. If it were up to me I would play tomorrow, but I recognize that I need a period of adaptation to the team. Right now it can’t be ”.

Physical state:

“Physically I am very well, but I have to prepare and adapt to the team. I want what I want is to be ready to help as soon as the coach considers it appropriate. Even though I’m fine, I have to keep getting fit to help Las Palmas. I insist that I am going to do my best for when Pepe Mel deems it appropriate for me to play ”.

Your role in the team:

“Yesterday afternoon I had a very long meeting with Pepe Mel. Logically I am not going to reveal anything we are talking about, but we do agree on what I can contribute to UD. It was a very positive meeting, which makes me much more motivated than I already was ”.

Photo of Jesé


“He came to a young group with great enthusiasm. Of course there are things to improve, but I only come to help. We all have to be together. I’ve been following this team for months, and I really like their game idea. From what I have spoken with some footballers, there are very committed people in that dressing room ”.


“If I don’t look at the playoffs, it’s because I’m going for a walk. And I have not come to Las Palmas to walk ”.


“He is a great player, and I just hope to have a lot of complicity with him on the field. He has a lot of quality, so it won’t be difficult to play with him ”.

Live the moment:

“I have always wanted to enjoy playing soccer. As I say, the past is behind us. At times I haven’t had the opportunities that I think I could have had, but now I’m in Las Palmas and I just think about enjoying myself here.


“I can’t and I don’t want to set dates. If it were up to me, it would be tomorrow because of the desire I have. But I must be honest: that is not possible. I have to have, first, a process of adaptation to the team. I had a very positive meeting with Pepe Mel in which we both told each other what we think. After talking to him I was very happy ”.


“As before, I have come to die at the hand of my teammates, the coaching staff, the Sports Directorate… To once again reach my best moment as a footballer, I have to try to get to leave Las Palmas where it deserves. That way we would all benefit ”.


“I find myself in a perfect time and place to enjoy football. I am at home, with my family by my side, on my hometown team. I am in the right place for me. I need a period to play again, but I hope this happens very soon ”.

Do you regret something ?:

“I have nothing to regret. I have been in the best clubs in the world sharing a dressing room with the best players in the world. I have earned all that, nobody has given me anything ”.

Other offers:

“I had several offers from abroad. They were good contracts and they also gave me help to be with the family. Right now, the important thing for me is to be happy and not money. I insist that, as a player, I am in the right place. I have my family covering me very close.

Second stage in Las Palmas:

“Now, like last time, I am very excited. In this case, even more because I haven’t played for a long time. I don’t go back to the past and I don’t have to regret anything either. Now I am going to live another experience in which I have to learn from all the people in the club. Las Palmas has given me another chance, and I’m not going to miss it ”.

Future at the club beyond June 30:

“Why not? This is the team from my country, and what one wants is to be at home. And more with the desire that I have. Even if he was outside, he always wanted Las Palmas to be as high as possible. And now that I’m inside, even more ”.

Position in the field:

“The coach knows me well, and he knows where I can play. I do not care if he is a forward, winger, in the midfielder. I’m for what the team needs. Now I just want to play.

Continuity of his musical career:

“Everything in due course will come. Now my head is only in football ”.


Jesé’s intervention was preceded by Luis Helguera, the sports director of Las Palmas, who thus referred to the incorporation of the new yellow footballer: “We have a bond with Jesé until June 30. We are very happy with a footballer who is going to give us many variants in attack. It comes with great humility and desire to join an exciting project. You need a period to adjust to the team. When it does, it will bring us a lot ”.

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