If a survey were made to the members and fans of Girona on which is the most fit player in the squad, the name of Juan Carlos would surely appear repeated in more than one answer. The goalkeeper is having an excellent season, supporting his team on several occasions and scoring points practically by himself with interventions, or entire games, decisive. Espanyol can give a good account of it. But it is also that Juan Carlos is not having exactly a placid season: he is the goalkeeper of the League who is kicked the most times.

Specifically, there are already 294 shots at his goal of which 15 have been converted into a goal. A ratio that already hints at the potential and level of Juan Carlos, who has conceded one goal for every 20 shots against his goal. An atrocity. The goalkeeper’s performance has been so good, in fact, that Muric (his substitute) has packed his bags: despite playing the first two league games, Juan Carlos closed the starting door with great performances. And so closed did Muric see the door that he asked to leave the club. And they didn’t put too much trouble on him.

Girona Shield / Flag

The arrival of Ortolá, necessary because in addition to Muric, Jose Aurelio Suárez, third goalkeeper, also left, will not change the relationship of power in the Girona goal a priori. Juan Carlos will continue to be the starter and Ortolá comes to cover an eventual injury or sanction of the first. And if Juan Carlos continues at this level (and does not get injured or sees cards) Ortolá will have a difficult time playing.

But the merit of the Girona defense can not only be attributed to the goal, since it is clear that the defensive line has also contributed decisively to the team that concedes few goals. And not only in a more or less passive way, preventing clear shots from the opponents, but actively: Girona is the second team that has taken the most balls from the goal line. Specifically on six occasions, in which a defender has avoided a goal already sung with the goalkeeper defeated.

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