Monkey gamers, coming soon?  –

Monkey gamers, coming soon?

Chronic Monkey gamers, coming soon?

Near or far, Elon Musk is interested in video games. Evidenced by his tweets on Cyberpunk 2077 or his new Tesla models allowing to play games with a hardware similar to that of a PlayStation 5. He proved it again this week with Neuralink, another of his companies. Fkz explains everything there is to know in the first daily of the day.

Besides Tesla, the richest man in the world is the head of several other companies. One of them is called Neuralink and is versed in creating and improving technologies for the brain. It seeks to manufacture interfaces connecting the human brain with that of a computer, making it possible to overcome certain diseases / paralyzes linked to brain damage. To do so, numerous tests on animals are carried out before being applied to humans, such as for example making a monkey play Pong using a chip.

Towards LANs by thought?

In any case, this is what Elon Musk would have said on Clubhouse, a new social network that he joined after doing a break from twitter. During a discussion, he tackles various subjects including that of Neuralink’s advances. He explains that the firm’s latest experiment showed whether a monkey was able to play Pong by thought, via a chip. The latter is wireless and Elon Musk specifies that it does not seem to bother the animal: “He doesn’t look uncomfortable and lives in the best monkey facilities in the worldNext step for the founder? See if it is possible to play several monkeys together.

While Neuralink shows promising animal testing, testing in individuals – initially scheduled for late last year – does not appear to have started. Above all, we need the approval of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), the only authority to allow the distribution of drugs / medical devices in the United States.

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