The Red Devils squad got on a private plane to travel a distance of only 160 kilometers

Manchester United’s decision in the run-up to their away match against Leicester for the eighth date of the Premier League was surprising . Contrary to the plans that had originally been drawn up for the transfer of the squad headed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer , the players and the coaching staff took a private flight to cover a distance of just 100 miles. That is, they got on a plane for a journey that took about ten minutes.

The fact of going by air to Leicester generated numerous criticisms of the Red Devils for the negative impact on the environment that the use of this means of transport generates. In fact, the English press highlighted the paradox that implies that some footballers have gone to the airport in their electric cars, vehicles whose use means less air pollution. However, the club’s leadership explained the reasons that led them to make this strange decision.

The Manchester United delegation took a flight to Leicester because the M6 ​​motorway was stuck due to a heavy traffic congestion resulting from an accident. The original idea was to cover that journey by bus, but this unforeseen event forced us to change plans. The club argued that due to “operational circumstances” it was decided to fly to Leicester.

The BBC contacted the club to consult their authorities on this decision to take a flight of just ten minutes. The entity responded with some of the commitments they have assumed in recent years to care for the environment. It should be noted that the Red Devils have pursued a policy of using green energy in all their facilities and have achieved several objectives, among them, having reduced their carbon emissions by more than 2,700 tons from 2008 to date.

On the sporting level, Manchester United does not lift its head and has so much a victory in its last five presentations. This Saturday, he suffered a setback against Leicester 4-2 , a result that puts Solskjaer’s continuity at the head of the team at risk. It was a very weak game for the Red Devils : the defense gave the rival many facilities and Cristiano Ronaldo was far from his best version.

The fall left the CR7 team out of Champions League positions in the Premier League standings. With 14 points , they are in fifth place and lose ground to Chelsea, which is the leader with 19. The next game will be on Wednesday, when they host Atalanta at Old Trafford for a new date in the group stage of the European tournament.

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