Even Shaquille O’Neal surrenders to Mvumbi, the Congo pivot that has gone viral

Even Shaquille O’Neal surrenders to Mvumbi, the Congo pivot that has gone viral

Handball World Cup 2021 O’Neal sent him a message through Instagram

Shaquille O’Neal surrenders to Gauthier Mvumbi, the Congolese handball pivot that has gone viral.

Debut of the national team of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the World Cup in Egypt – for the first time he disputes a world championship – against Argentina he turned Gauthier Mvumbi Thierry, Congolese pivot, into the great protagonist. The 26-year-old, who He is 1.92 meters tall and weighs 110 kilos, went viral because of his physical complexion. His fame has reached Shaquille O’Neal himself. The NBA legend compares him to himself in a video that he has posted in one of his stories from Instagram.

“They say you’re the Shaq of the handball team, what’s going on?” Said the former pvot of the best basketball league in the video.

When I saw it, Mvumbi did not give credit and did not hesitate to answer him: “A dream come true, I don’t believe it … my idol @shaq, my star. Thank you for your message and your support. I do not understand very well what is happening but what I have something to say: live your dream and fight for who you are, “he wrote on his networks.

In the game against Argentina, Mvumbi scored four goals, the same as against Denmark on the second day of the World Cup. It takes 100% success in 90 minutes.

Gauthier Mvumbi, the viral 110-kilogram pivot of Congo in the handball World Cup

According to the data collected on the page of the International Handball Federation, Mvumbi is a member of Dreux AC, set of the fourth French division. He reached the French box in August 2020. The official World Cup page gives him 1.76 meters in height and 89 kilos in weight, but the images show that his weight is much higher than what the official statistics set.

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