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News tip Gods Will Fall, the list of achievements is available

Expected for January 29 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Gods Wil Fall is a Beat Them’All in which you will play a warrior tasked with shedding light on the Gods. To help you in your quest, 43 trophies will reward you in your quest, to be found in our complete solution of Gods Will Fall.

Bronze Trophies (28)

  • Desecration of the Oseraie

    Defeat Belenos without being hit by his Sunbeam attack.

  • Desecration of War

    Defeat Morrigan with a level 5 weapon.

  • Desecration of the Sea

    Defeat Boadannu without killing a single vassal during combat.

  • Desecration of Rivers

    Defeat Lochlannarg without being hit by its lightning.

  • Desecration of Knowledge

    Defeat Krannus’ guards in a row in under 5 seconds.

  • Desecration of the Forest

    Defeat Carnoccus without destroying a single totem pole.

  • Desecration of Devouring

    Defeat Ogmios after crossing the channel.

  • Desecration of Putrescence

    Defeat Breith-Dorcha with a single Stamina point remaining.

  • Desecration of the Ossuary

    Defeat Osseus when he’s on his back.

  • Desecration of Fertility

    Defeat Methir-Shirraidh with his own arrow.

  • The Fall of Bélénos

    Defeat Bélénos

  • The fall of Morrigan

    Terrassez Morrigan

  • The Fall of Mochlannarg

    Defeat Mochlannarg

  • The Fall of Krannus

    Defeat Krannus

  • The Chute of Carnoccus

    Terrassez Carnoccus

  • The Fall of Ogmios

    Terrassez Ogmios

  • La Chute de Breith-Dorcha

    Terrassez Birth-Dark

  • The Fall of Osseus

    Defeat Osseus

  • La chute de Methir-Shirraidh

    Terrassez Methir Sherry

  • Imponderable

    Defeat an enemy using a natural hazard

  • == New Opportunity ==
    Escape the fairway in the Devour realm.
  • Beginnings of a Revolt

    Terasse a deity

  • Heroic Death

    Lose a warrior in a deadly attack.

  • Present Ancestral

    Collect an item from the Ancient Well.

  • The Tertres Treasure

    Deal with the Mound Witch.

  • Into the Abyss

    Kill an enemy by pushing them over a precipice.

  • Force des Bersekers

    Give a level 3 howl

Silver Trophies (12)

  • Prelude

    Complete the tutorial

  • Three birds with one stone

    Kill three enemies with a single melee attack.

  • Lancer Létal

    Kill an enemy with a throwing weapon while in the air.

  • Untouchable

    Deal 50 damage without getting hit.

  • Out of reach

    Deal 25 damage without getting hit.

  • Dive into the abyss

    Throw 10 enemies into the abyss of any dungeon.

  • Pacific ancestry

    Survive the elevator without getting hit and using only parries and throws.

  • Sent from the bottom

    Throw three vassals from the raft into the Sea area.

  • Insensitive to the Divine

    Defeat a deity without getting hit during combat.

  • One foot in the grave

    Defeat a deity with only one Stamina point remaining.

  • Flawless preamble

    Defeat a deity on the first attempt.

  • New era

    Kill all 10 deities and free humanity.

Gold Trophies (2)

  • Deadly game

    Parry 5 against a deity without getting hit.

  • Survivaliste

    Complete a game without using any items.

Platinum Trophies (1)

  • New Divinity

    Get all the trophies

Gods Will Fall Complete Solution Summary.

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