PS5: a controller with a different color, it’s possible!  –

PS5: A Controller with a different color, it’s Possible!

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Chronic PS5: a controller with a different color, it’s possible!

Since its arrival, the PlayStation 5 has seen a makeover in black or even in the colors of the PlayStation 2. A preferential treatment that is no longer reserved only for the console: Tiraxa explains why in the last daily of the day.

Released on November 19 in France, the color of the PlayStation 5 contrasts with its older sisters since it is white. A color that is not to everyone’s taste, as evidenced by the flourishing businesses everywhere on the web since the release of the console. After PlateStation, Dbrand and SUP3R5, another brand is attacking the market.

Pimp my controller

Tiraxa indicates that Decor Evolve also offers personalized colors to players. This time, it is not the console which is directly concerned but the DualSense, the controller of the PlayStation 5. A shell is offered for sale for 10 dollars, with several models. Be careful, however: it only replaces the black part of the controller. You just have to clip it over.

If he had reacted instantly for PlayStation, Sony is delayed as to possible repression. The Japanese manufacturer has also not given information about a new color to appear. For comparison, it was not until 10 months after the release of the PlayStation 4 to see the white model of the latter appear. As with the standard PlayStation 5, we will still have to wait.

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