• The 2022 Opening of Liga MX only saw how one coach left his position on the different benches of the Aztec competition, with Diego Aguirre being the unfortunate character in question who had to leave his position after a result full of history against Cruz Azul

The 2022 Opening of the MX League was valid for only three months, this is because the Qatar World Cup will begin to be held in a short time, making it a championship full of very close dates, but this is not all that left us the short tournament within the Liga MX, as it equaled a curious mark when talking about the dismissals of coaches.

This is due to the fact that only one strategist lost his job, being Diego Aguirre who was fired from his place on the Cruz Azul bench after a scandalous win against Club América, the 7-0 that no one in Mexico will forget.

To find a similar record within the Aztec tournament we must go to Clausura 2020, when Leandro Cufré left the Atlas bench on the third date. However, keep in mind that this contest was canceled due to the arrival of COVID-19.

This is how the Apertura 2022 and Clausura 2020 are the only short tournaments within Liga MX that have seen only one coach lose his place of work against a club within the first division.

Last year, Michel Leaño with Chivas from Guadalajara, Javier Aguirre with Rayados from Monterrey, Pedro Caixinha from Santos Laguna, Leonardo Ramos from Gallos Blancos from Queretaro, Marcelo Méndez from Atlético San Luis and Pablo Guede from Necaxa were the coaches who lost their jobs. within Clausura 2022, the last tournament lived in Mexico, thus demonstrating the large number of strategists who are still alive within the Aztec competition in this Apertura.

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