• Thalía is normally one of the celebrities who is described as the sweetest on the show.

Thalía is one of the most beloved Mexican celebrities by her public, her talent and charisma is recognized among her fans, who have never spoken out before any possible rudeness of her the singer.

However, Thalía has always been the most accommodating to her fans, because according to an anecdote shared by actress Jessica Segura, the singer of “Arrasando” refused to give her an autograph.

It was on the “Envinadas” program in which Jessica Segura revealed to Mariana Botas, Daniela Luján and Yurem, that the first autograph she asked for in her life was from Thalía, but the singer did not give it to her.

Before this statement, her companions reacted with astonishment, assuring that they could not believe it because “Thalia is cool”.

“I no longer told who I asked for my first autograph, it was Thalía, but they didn’t give it to me, it was the first time they opened it to me. I think I was tired or I came from the court to eat, I don’t know what happened” Jessica said.

The actress and host reported that she was such a fan of Thalíaque when she met her at Televisa’s Forum 2, where she was recording a soap opera, she ran towards her so as not to lose her, she asked for her autograph, but to her surprise, Thalía simply turned her back face and continued on her way.

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