• During a Nodal concert, a part of the public messed with his ex-girlfriend, and the singer’s lukewarm response earned him a target of criticism on social networks.

Despite the fact that the relationship between Christian Nodal and Belinda ended a long time ago, celebrities continue to talk about it, because Nodal and his fans seem to still not get over that relationship. Now the interpreter of “Goodbye love” is harshly pointed out on social networks for allowing his ex-partner to be insulted in full concert.

Everything happened in a recent presentation that the famous singer gave in Guadalajara, where his fans began to shout high-sounding words against the actress. Although many might think that Nodal would do something to stop his audience, the 23-year-old only limited himself to say that he could not control what others did: “I can not take care of everyone’s mouth,” he expressed seriously.

The reaction of the Mexican regional interpreter was not well taken by Internet users on social networks, who have branded him “macho” and “misogynist” for allowing these attitudes: “Minimum I would have asked for more respect for a woman”, “I should encourage I respect the woman he once loved”, “He is not a gentleman”, “He is a lout”, “How sad to see the quality of person and human being that Christian is”, could be read in some comments.

Let’s remember that Belinda and Christian Nodal were about to get married at the time, however, as a result of their breakup, the fans of both artists have divided into “sides” and have constant fights over the issue.

So far, none of the celebrities have spoken about it, although a response from Belinda is unlikely, since the singer has repeatedly made it clear that she has turned the page and continues with her personal life and professional.

Currently, Christian Nodal has a stable relationship with the reggaetonera Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu. Meanwhile, it is speculated that Belinda would be in a relationship with Gonzalo Heiva, an important Mexican businessman.

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