The smartphone is always in our hands but often we do not know all its potential or functions. In fact, even the applications we use most frequently can ‘hide’ options that we are unaware of. An example? This is the case of WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app in the world that has been constantly updated over the years.

To meet the needs and requests of users, the application has introduced novelties in the functions by focusing on speed and fluidity. What many do not know, however, is that the platform has an almost unknown menu that facilitates access to chats. It is, in fact, a menu designed for those who need to quickly use the application as a shortcut.

Taking advantage of this feature is very simple : just press a few seconds on the WhatsApp icon (as you do to delete an app). The tap opens a quick drop-down menu which, on Android devices , shows the list of the most recent contacts and access to the camera. On iOS , however, the list allows you to access the camera, QR code reading and a new chat as well as search in conversations.

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