Fill Koi, aka Filippo D’Ambrosio. The singer releases today his new album entitled “White Sheet” On Spotify it has exceeded 250 thousand plays.
Fill Koi, aka Filippo D'Ambrosio

The 24-year-old from Pesaro, Filippo D’Ambrosio, aka Fill Koi, is perhaps one of the hottest rising musical stars of the moment in Pesaro, but not only. From his first single released in 2019 to his latest album “Foglio Bianco”, dated 12 March 2022, the young man from Pesaro has over 250,000 plays between Spotify and YouTube. Numbers that have led him to reach collaborations with nationally renowned artists such as XXX Fila and to sign with the Rkh music label of Turin.

“It all started in Ravenna with the course held by Moder at the Cisim Lab. From there I released in 2019” Truth and visions ep. “With Chief Rock, a guy from Pesaro I had met the year before and we managed to sell 100 copies out of 100. After that, a period of musical experimentation began which led, in 2020, to “30th garden mixtape”, a project full of collaborations with local artists and with inside some previews of the future album “says Fill Koi who also in this case “has sold 100 copies out of 100, while on Spotify it has exceeded 130 thousand plays”.

Fill Koi tells us about his musical collaboration with XXX Fila, a nationally renowned producer in the rap world who has produced beats for the likes of Claver Gold (to name another from Marche), Murubutu, Lord Madness, Kiave, Mastino and many others .

The first collaboration between the two takes place for the production of “Warrior”, the single that anticipated the release of the Fill Koi album: “It all started when the song” Amore che da amore che remove “was released, produced by Hamaze, in February 2020. He contacted me precisely because he was interested in a collaboration and from there it all started “. Then another message arrives to Filippo, but this time from a Turin label, Rkh: “It was December 2020 and I had been contacted by this independent label that manages emerging artists to make them known” and here Fill Koi clarifies one thing : “I don’t get paid but I don’t pay anything either, it’s a reciprocal exchange if we want to define it that way”. A collaboration that led to the White Sheet project: “

But are there opportunities in Pesaro on the rap scene? “The opportunities – he says – are practically zero, nothing is done for young people. Our scene could give much more than Bologna or the big cities but there they have the opportunity to make themselves heard while here we remain in the shadows”.

Despite this, however, Fill Koi has reached hundreds of thousands of people with its music, approaching labels from other regions and important producers. Perhaps the demonstration that, even without opportunities, talent always emerges.

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