Mosquito nets are excellent barriers against insects, geckos and lizards , but like all utensils or furniture components, they need proper cleaning and maintenance . This is not only for a matter of hygiene but also to preserve their functionality; a mosquito net clogged with dust, allows bad air passage . Some suggestions on how to clean mosquito nets may then be useful . First of all, it must be pointed out that great care is required not to damage them , they are very delicate and, especially with roller ones, you have to be careful so that they do not come out of their guides.

How to clean mosquito nets

So let’s see how to clean mosquito nets in complete safety , diversifying the technique according to whether they are roller, pleated or removable panels .

How to clean roller insect screens

They are the most difficult to wash because, as already mentioned, you risk getting them out of the side guides. It is therefore necessary to dust them with great delicacy, without pushing too much , perhaps using a crumb vacuum or a vacuum cleaner equipped with the appropriate accessory . Once the dust is removed, you can proceed to wash them with a spray degreaser . Spray the detergent all over the surface, give the degreaser time to dissolve all the accumulated grease and then rinse with clean water with a sponge .

How to clean pleated insect screens

This type of mosquito nets cannot be washed as they are not as rigid as roller screens and it is also difficult to dust them with a vacuum cleaner because it could suck them up. The best way to free them from dust is to wipe them with the hair phone using cold air .

How to clean mosquito nets with removable panels

They are the easiest to clean because they can be dismantled ; in fact, it will be sufficient to pass the vacuum cleaner equipped with the appropriate accessory and then immerse them in the bathtub with water and a small amount of degreaser ; then proceed to rinse with the shower and let them drain in the tub before reassembling them.
In all cases you will notice the difference, a clean mosquito net lets in more air and more light .

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