Instagram is reinstating a news feed in chronological order, titled Favorites.

Social media platforms, whatever they are, must constantly evolve and listen to their users in doing so, if they want to maintain their user bases, precisely, and acquire new ones. It’s a perpetual development, iteration after iteration, with good things and not so good things. In the latter case, users usually let it know quickly. This was the case recently with Instagram . Here is the response from the platform today .

Instagram reintegrates a news feed in chronological order

When Instagram first launched, News Feed showed posts by their date of publication, with the most recent posts at the top of the list and the oldest at the bottom. Later, Instagram changed how this news feed works by starting to display posts according to an algorithm that is supposed to sort according to your preferences.

This algorithm is mainly based on your past interactions with this or that account. So if a post from an account you interact with often, like or comment on regularly makes it to the platform, chances are that post will land at the top of your News Feed. That being said, if you miss this good display of posts in chronological order, know that Instagram has announced its return, it will now be stamped “Favorites”.

This one is titled Favorites

The idea is as follows: this new “Favorites” list is a list in which you can add the accounts that interest you the most. Depending on the platform, posts in your Favorites feed will be displayed in chronological order. In other words, you will see what the accounts that interest you the most, be it your relatives, friends, colleagues, brands and others.

If you want to go back to the “traditional” feed, you can switch to the “Subscriptions” section, and the posts will then be presented to you according to the results of Instagram’s algorithm. The update is normally rolling out. If you don’t see these options yet, be patient, it shouldn’t take long.

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