Chloe Horton, an OnlyFans model, follows the slew of 9-5 workers-turned-sex workers and becomes her own boss. Now fans are wondering who exactly this OnlyFans star is and how she racked up so many paid subscribers on the platform.

Who is Chloe Horton and why is she famous?

Chloe Horton is a 21-year-old OnlyFans model from Glasgow, Scotland.

The internet sensation, known as @chloelorrainehorton on the site, has 39.9K likes on her content, marking her huge success on the site.

The adult content creator is also a former make-up artist at Debenhams choosing to quit his old job to pursue a career on OnlyFans.

Horton recently stepped into the spotlight after an interview with The Sun about his successful career move.

Chloe Horton Highlights:

  • Real name: Chloe Lorraine Horton
  • Age: 21
  • Date of birth: Currently unknown
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Net worth: Currently unknown
  • TikTok followers: 2575
  • Instagram followers: 20.1K
  • Twitter Followers: 27K

All figures correct as of February 10, 2022.

Chloe Horton’s fortune: how much does Chloe Horton earn?

Chloe Horton net worth is currently unknown as of 2022.

However, she told The Sun that as a result of her OnlyFans career, she was able to climb the property ladder at just 20, while enjoying a luxury vacation.

“I managed to buy my own house in 2021 and had so many vacations that created moments for me that I will never forget,” she told the publication.

“Traveling to places like Dubai, the Maldives and Greece, among others, was unreal.

She also recently told her Twitter followers that she had her “fastest month ever” in February after a two-month break.

How old is Chloe Horton?

Chloe Horton turns 21 in 2022, although her date of birth is currently unknown.

Not much is known about Horton’s family or upbringing, except that she told the newspaper that her family had their full support.

“I’m grateful to take it on the chin and that my family doesn’t care at all [about being on OnlyFans] with my boyfriend.

Who is Chloe Horton’s boyfriend?

While Chloe Horton recently admitted in The Sun interview that she has a boyfriend, she has yet to reveal it to the public.

Two interesting facts about Chloe Horton:

Although Chloe Horton is an avid OnlyFans model, the star has so much more to offer, including her experience of being bullied following the site, as well as encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

1) She was bullied for being a sex worker

Despite her huge success on OnlyFans, Chloe Horton has admitted that she has been bullied for her sex work. She recently told The Sun that she’s been called pejorative terms in the past, but isn’t letting the criticism get to her.

2) She recommends OnlyFans to others who want to follow in her footsteps

Despite being bullied as a result of her OnlyFans career, Chloe Horton recommends the site to those who also want to pursue sex work. The star recently told the newspaper that women and men who have ever thought of trying their hand at sex work on the site should go.

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