Instagram Reveals Its 2022 Plans: These Will Be the Changes You Should Expect

Instagram Reveals Its 2022 Plans: These Will Be the Changes You Should Expect

Adam Mosseri has shared the 4 priorities of Instagram for 2022, through a video on his official Twitter account.

Instagram Director Adam Mosseri shared Tuesday what the app’s key priorities will be for 2022.

Through a post on twitter, Mosseri affirmed that for next year the platform will focus on 4 key points, among which are videos, messaging, transparency and creators.

While you remember, in July of this year, Adam Mosseri declared that Instagram had ceased to be a photo-sharing application and announced the company’s plans to promote entertainment content and video format.

In addition, he made it very clear at the time that they would focus on short videos to be able to face competitors such as YouTube and TikTok.

Video as a priority for Instagram

For next year, video will continue to be a priority for the platform, especially short videos or “Reels”.

“We are going to redouble our focus on video, we are no longer just a photo sharing application, and we will consolidate all our video formats in Reels and continue to grow that product”

Adam Mosseri, Director of Instagram


Thus the video will take a leading role and will probably undergo various format changes for the next year.

The social network has already started experimenting with some of them. For example, the presentation of different types of video such as full screen, immersive, entertainment and mobile presentation.

In October, the exclusive IGTV video format with long-term videos also disappeared to make way for “Instagram TV.”

This allowed videos of up to 60 minutes to be played directly on the main Instagram page, without the need for an external app. However, users must access Reels to view the full video.

Messaging and control

On the other hand, Mosseri also said that they will focus on messaging since according to Mosseri it is “the primary way” in which people communicate on the internet.

Likewise, the platform will redouble work on controls to improve transparency by 2022.

“We will not only redouble our work on controls, but we will expand to do more around transparency. We believe that it is important for people to understand how Instagram works if they are going to shape what they want or what is best for them »

Adam Mosseri, Director of Instagram


Recently, Instagram announced that it will begin to implement new parental control functions from March 2022. This will allow parents or guardians to have control and record of the activity of their teenagers on the platform.

In the video, Mosseri also talks about the new features the platform introduced this year to give users more control over their feeds and profiles. These include the controls to “filter sensitive content”, the “hide as count function” and the “limits function”.

The sensitivity filter that was launched in July by the platform, allows users to set limits on the amount of content that they consider “sensitive” and that is displayed in the recommendations of the “Explore” tab.

While the “hide as count” function hides the “likes” and counts of other users.

And the “limits feature” automatically hides comments and direct messages from people who do not follow the user or who have recently started to follow.

And what about the creators?

Instagram will not forget content creators. Adam Mosseri also said that the platform will help them earn a living on the social network, with the introduction of new monetization tools.

“There will be a number of new monetization products from creators, ways to help creators earn a living on our platform, which make me especially excited for next year”

Adam Mosseri, Director of Instagram

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