Does Tik Tok Also Think of a Chronological Feed?

Does Tik Tok Also Think of a Chronological Feed?

After the arrival of the new Instagram Feed , it seems that Tik Tok also wants to follow the same steps as Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. Let’s find out how.

Tik Tok and the idea of ​​a chronological feed

It would seem that many users on Tik Tok find it difficult to find an old video they had previously seen. Precisely for this reason, the famous ballet social network has well thought out (for now they are only indiscretions) to give the possibility to registered users to find and search for a particular video through a simple search.

According to what shared by a leaker on his Twitter profile, Tik Tok would be working on the introduction of a history of the views of the videos that have appeared in the Feed “For you” . At the moment this novelty seems to be available only for a limited number of users and there is no official communication from Tik Tok.

But how does it work? It’s very simple. You can go to the settings menu to find out if you are eligible for this new feature or go to:

  • Your Discover
  • Click on search
  • Enter an asterisk
  • Activate the watch video option

At the moment, we remind you, this novelty has not been implemented on Tik Tok at a Global level but only for a small number of users.

What do you think of a new Chronological Feed?

Rachel Maga
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