Things are not always what we think they are. Online relationships could be a good cover for some scams. Such as catfishing. It means having your pockets picked financially and sometimes emotionally. Let’s dive right in. We will talk about how things might not look as they are, and it could simply be catfishing. Click here to see dailycamera’s list of best married dating sites.

They don’t video chat

When you are part of an online adult relationship, you try your best to come up with ways to communicate with your partner to arrange a hookup. Video chat is one way to feel closer to them. Especially if they live in another country or another city. If you come across someone who isn’t willing to communicate, they are catfishing you. However, some people don’t prefer video chat or feel comfortable having them, and they stick to calling and texting. The important part is for them to communicate and show interest.

Look them up on Social Media

When you ask your online partner to show you pictures of their town’s famous tourist attractions, they keep making up excuses. They haven’t shared any selfies despite being ready to talk anytime. They are probably avoiding showing their faces or their identity. They will use some lousy explanation of why they can’t send you any pictures. That helps them not to get themselves exposed. Don’t waste your time when you get that repeated action. Look them up on social media. You might find that they are using fake accounts, and you were being catfished.

Look for followers and friends

If you find a social media account associated with them, you are still doubtful. Try looking through their friend’s list of followers. Their list will not be that convincing. Having no friends or followers is not entirely normal. Remember, the accounts are fake, and their characters are not real; thus, they have no friends. Some people could be all about their privacy and small social groups. That is fine if it does not align with other red flags.

Do not share your personal information

A catfish will start asking you for your personal information not long after you two start talking. Asking for private pictures is one of their ways. They will say you can trust them, or they only want to get to know you. Don’t share private information with someone you don’t know. Financial information such as your bank account, social security number, or credit card number must not be shared with anyone you do not know. Home addresses are off-limits too.

Be careful what you believe

Online adult dating can be hard. Distance and lack of human interaction can make things more difficult. People tend to express their feelings way too much to get closer to their partners. That is understandable. But when you’re being told by someone you’ve known for a short time that you are their reason to live. That is catfish.

Listen to them

Catfish are busy creatures. They are all over the internet trying to find the perfect choice for their scams. Sometimes they don’t have enough time to double-check what they said. Chatting and creating a false identity all the time can cause them to cross stories. It’s not like people are not allowed to make mistakes or forget about particular stuff. Everyone fails, but some details in their stories do not add up, like living in a city and working at another. This and more is not much of a common thing. When you catch such signs of lying, step aside and leave.

They start to ask for money

When a catfish is on the hunt, they will not wait that long before they start asking you for money. Probably they will use understandable reasons. Like they need the money to buy gas to make it to an important job interview, or they only need the money for a couple of days, and they have no one else to ask. They will make you feel both guilty and sad for not helping them. Don’t fall for it. When a friend you’ve only met twice asks to borrow your car, you don’t just hand it over because you feel sad for them. Well, you should do that here either.


Catfishing is not a new trend, and people have made documentaries and TV programs about it since 2010. It is not going anywhere soon. You can protect yourself when you take your casual relationship slow and don’t rush things. It won’t hurt if you listen to your online adult partner more carefully. Be careful and have a pleasant hooking up experience.

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