Resident Evil Village, our Feedback on the Demo

Resident Evil Village, our feedback on the Demo

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Are you feeling low on lockdown and curfews? Would you like to find a little carefree and go on a trip, see the country? Capcom has thought of you by offering a demo of Resident Evil Village to take you to Eastern Europe. However, the Japanese publisher preferred to choose the PS5 and only the PS5 to accommodate this first playable version. If you do not have the Sony console, be aware that a new demo will arrive in the spring on other media.

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So, what’s in this demo? Quite simply a mini-adventure that takes place in the universe of Resident Evil Village. The first steps are taken in the basement of a castle which serves as a prison, but also as a torture chamber. Thanks to a hole placed under what is normally used as a bed, the prisoner sneaks into the cell next door which is not closed. We recover the famous cutting pliers then a hook. Quite quickly, we arrive in the castle, and after a little riddle, beware of spoilers, a kind of vampire attacks us. Race, flight, key in a door, arrival of the hostess, claw of the night. End.

This Resident Evil Village demo takes about fifteen minutes to complete and is fun to navigate, although very, very short. We don’t notice any big changes from Resident Evil 7 in the game mechanics, but Capcom did warn that this was just a note of intent, a mini storyline that won’t even be included in the game. the final game. Besides, the character we are leading is not Ethan. In that sense, it reminds us of what was done with the Kitchen demo on PS4.

Technically, although the graphics are a bit dull at first, there is something to be impressed with when you step into the castle lobby. So no, there is nothing very original, the place reminds us of the private residence of the Ashfords of Code: Veronica. But it’s pretty, the lighting effects are realistic, the textures are detailed and the ambiance takes on well. The RE Engine is decidedly amazing. The characters encountered, if not numerous, show careful modeling and quality animations.

With its castle lost in Eastern Europe, its vampires, its elements reminiscent of witchcraft and the werewolves seen in the trailer, Resident Evil Village draws its inspiration from the fantastic. This may confuse some fans, but on our side we are curious to see what Capcom will offer. This Resident Evil still adopts the first person view, and what’s odd is that no VR mode is announced at the moment.

As a reminder, Resident Evil Village takes place after the events of Resident Evil 7. We will play Ethan who will leave this time in search of his kidnapped daughter. After his wife, his daughter, at Capcom we know how to involve the player! His journey will take him to an unwelcoming castle populated by devil’s creatures … which is pretty well seen when we offer a sequel to a game called Resident Evil. The arms dealer is making a comeback, we will be able to ward off some blows, and Capcom has decided to push the crafting aspect a little further. We are waiting to be able to judge all this on paper with, first of all, a next demo which will land on all media in the spring, then the final game of course which is expected for May 7, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC.

The Resident Evil Village demo is therefore available on the PS5’s PlayStation Store and is a little less than 4 GB. If you have trouble finding it, know that it is currently downloadable directly from the home page from the PS Store.

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