Resident Evil Village is a survival horror sequel to the game Resident Evil VII. The player plays Ethan Winters once again, a few years after the events in Louisiana. A new incident has occurred and Ethan finds himself confronted with a mysterious village filled with monstrosities of all kinds.

On the occasion of the release of Resident Evil Village, we are offering some in-house gameplay covering part of the Dimitrescu castle.

Contrary to its appearances, the beautiful mansion is home to many bloodthirsty enemies who will not hesitate to attack you on sight.

Ethan’s progress will be slowed down by the presence of puzzles for which it will be necessary to find the right corresponding elements in order to unlock the doors or other passages, by making a few back and forths here and there.

It will also be necessary to be careful not to succumb to enemy attacks while keeping a good reserve of ammunition in order to maximize its chances of survival in the face of impromptu encounters tougher than the classic zombies who die from a single bullet in the head.

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