Resident Evil 8 Village is inspired by Resident Evil 4 and Its Producer Explains Why Ethan Winters Is Back

Resident Evil 8 Village is inspired by Resident Evil 4 and Its Producer Explains Why Ethan Winters Is Back

Resident Evil Village 8, inspired by Resident Evil 4

It is quite evident that one of the most anticipated video games of the next few months is the new installment of the Resident Evil saga . The continuation of the plot of Resident Evil 7 will arrive in Resident Evil 8: Village and we will be able to control Ethan Winters again . Now, in a new interview in the Official PlayStation Magazine (and thanks to Wccftech ), producer Peter Fabiano has talked more about the game.

The Capcom worker has spoken about why they have decided to bring Ethan Winters back and continue their story. “The team became very fond of Ethan as a character, so we knew we wanted to continue his story arc. We wanted players to continue to experience the game through his eyes [because] after all, this is a sequel to Resident. Evil 7 “.

Something that the most staunch followers of the saga have pointed out is that Resident Evil 8 drinks in a certain way from Resident Evil 4 . Well, this is not an illusion of the fans, since Fabiano himself has acknowledged it: “You will notice that we were very inspired by Resident Evil 4. The team has gone to great lengths to create a truly authentic feeling. There are many surprises to come. stay alert – players will find a balance between combat, exploration and puzzles. “

The producer has also indicated that the teams developing the Resident Evil games are constantly sharing information, which helps them plan ahead and realize different concepts for upcoming games. In fact, he has said that they consider Resident Evil 8 to be ” the best survival horror game to date.”

Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters

Image from Resident Evil 8: Village

Ethan Winters may return, but undoubtedly the character attracting the most attention is Lady Dimitrescu. The new villain has already been the subject of different fanarts and the networks are filled with players delighted with her design . This success has even surprised Capcom, who delved a little deeper into how they have created it and why it has that look and personality.

Fabiano has also spoken about Dimitrescu and his daughters, although he maintains the mystery : “Dimitrescu and his three daughters are what you might expect from the vampire lore. We are not saying that is what they are, but there is certainly something that feels supernatural in what is happening. […] All the creatures fit within the context of the Resident Evil universe . We can assure that Resident Evil Village takes into account the general world and the history of the series.”

Resident Evil 8 is due out May 7, 2021 for PS4, PS5 , Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC, and will be much larger than Resident Evil 7. If you want to be up to date with everything we know about the new installment of this mythical saga, we recommend that you take a look at our special where we talk in detail about RE 8.

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