• 60 ml white or reposado tequila
  • 40ml triple sec or orange liqueur
  • 60ml lime juice
  • Salt and sugar syrup (to decorate the glass on its surface)
  • Ice
  • Wide mouth glass for Margarita cocktail

How to prepare a Margarita cocktail. Does she love me or doesn’t she love me? No, in today’s post we are not going to strip margaritas, what we are going to learn is how to drink one margarita after another, but above all, how to prepare it without having to go to Mexico.

But to really enjoy the flavor of this yummy cocktail, you need to know step by step how to prepare it. Its preparation is simple, but as it happens in the kitchen, the quality of the ingredients matters a lot, a lot, so get yourself a good tequila and go for it.

Stories for himself to drink

As you know, the Margarita is Mexican and is made with a tequia, lemon and triple sec base and is served with salt on the rim of the glass, which is what gives it that sophisticated touch and that combines so well with the citrus touches. It is a cocktail or combination that directly rivals the famous mojito, caipirinha, Tom Collins, sangria, daiquiri or pisco sour worldwide.

Did you know that in the recipe books of the thirties there was already talk about “cocktail tequila”? You will wonder then, where does that “daisy” come from?

The history of the name comes later, and although there are always several theories and legends about it, the official and best known is that of Danny Baljeique (a well-known French bartender who worked at the Pacific Riviera Casino) who was in love with Majorie King, a American actress who hated tequila the way Mexicans drink it, straight down the line. To woo her, Danny invented this drink and we don’t know if he would make her fall in love, but the rest of the world he stole her heart.

That carries?
You don’t need to buy weird things, to make a margarita you just need a good white (or reposado) tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, a slice of lime and salt.

Making a Yummy Margarita Cocktail

  1. First we will decorate the edge of salt. We take a wide and oval glass (the classic margarita) we wet it in a little sugar syrup pressing and then, we pass it through a plate with salt, place the lime and reserve.
  2. We squeeze the limes to extract their juice, you can use a lime press that is most useful but any juicer you use for lemons or oranges will also work. In our case we do not strain the juice, although if any nugget falls out we remove it.
  3. With the help of the measuring glass, pour the freshly squeezed lime juice, the tequila, and the triple sec into the shaker, in this order.
  4. We put four or five ice cubes and shake well for about 15 seconds, with verve and art. Then we serve the cocktail with the help of the filter of the shaker itself or the strainer in the glass that we have previously prepared.

You will see how the juice is perfectly emulsified with the liqueurs, leaving a perfect texture for a toast with friends.

A powerful cocktail but very tasty as well as refreshing, it goes down very well and rises better. It is a drink with sweet, salty, spicy and bitter nuances perfect to drink alone or accompanied with nachos, guacamole or why not, some tacos. And remember that it has a huge amount of alcohol. One is enough, two is enough and with three you go out dancing the can can. The one who warns is not a traitor.

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