Besides the cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes are a favorite side dish at Thanksgiving dinner, inexpensive and delicious. To make this recipe easier to prepare and save time in the kitchen preparing the big dinner, a cooking lover shares an effective and easy-to-follow trick.

Potatoes are usually skinned before boiling, but you don’t need to spend time and energy peeling potatoes before or after cooking. You can make the classic mash without peeling a single potato, without any skin in the finished dish.

Lora McLaughlin Peterson is a woman who shares cooking tips on TikTok, among her most successful recent videos is the step by step to make mashed potatoes.

In her TikTok clip, Lora cooks the potatoes with their skins on, the key is to use a baking rack or firm rack.

Lora places a bowl and the metal grate on top. The cook recommends just cutting the potato in half, placing it on the wire rack, and mashing it to shred. In the video you can see how mashing the potato does not require more effort, the puree falls into the bowl and the skin remains on the rack.

The TikTok cook hack has been viewed more than 600,000 times and received approving comments due to how easy it is to implement.

If you need more help and inspiration to prepare a delicious traditional mashed potatoes, we share more tips from expert cooks.

Choose red potatoes or a starchy variety that breaks down easily when cooked so that the purée is creamier and smoother. Yukon Gold potatoes have another type of starch that works well as well, they are a little moister, a little more waxy, and hold their shape better.

Add more ingredients after adding the melted butter and milk mixture, it can be grated cheddar cheese or grated Parmesan cheese, cooked bacon bits and chives. You can also add a touch of fresh herbs like parsley and a bit of garlic to give the purée an amazing flavor.

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