Yolanda Ramos has taken advantage of the presentation of “Celebrity Bake Off Spain” to defend the importance of talking about mental health. For the actress, who suffers from depression, it has been a very difficult and sad week due to the death of the actress last Monday Verónica Forqué.

On the occasion of the death of the actress, Ramos published a post on her Instagram profile in which she described the death of “work accident”.

“Actors are often killed by the tool that feeds us, the essential tool with which we work like any worker, that tool is sensitivity. That tool, like a poor bricklayer without a helmet, becomes two iron plates that fall on us and kill us. Dear Verónica, your death has been a work accident and your work tool your sensitivity”, she wrote next to an image of the actress being a girl.

The comedian wanted to highlight the importance of making mental health visible and has ensured that she is not the only one who suffers from this type of problem, thus encouraging more famous people to tell their own experience.

In addition, Yolanda Ramos has applauded the courage of Rocio Carrasco, a friend of hers since they presented the program “Talk to her” together:

“She has known how to ask for help and has had it”, has commented, “Because it could also have ended very badly.” After talking about one of the darkest stages of his life, now he is “happy”, this is confirmed by the comedian.

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