Dead Space Remake: new info on development, you’ll have to be patient

Among the most anticipated projects of the moment, we can easily cite the remake of Dead Space, resuscitating a franchise whose potential is well established. Today, precious details about its design are reaching us.

It was on July 22 that Electronic Arts regaled the internet with very good news: the Dead Space franchise would officially see the light of day again using of a remake of the very first episode.

Developed by EA Motive (the developers of Star Wars Squadrons), it would therefore take up the cult adventure of Isaac Clarke, initially released in 2008, under an all-new engine with next-gen graphics, reworked weld-design and modernized gameplay.

A damn tantalizing program for one of the most beloved survival horror of its generation.

In space, no one can hear you develop

Something to whet the mouths of more than one fan, yes, but information and media around the project are unfortunately still scarce: it was however without counting on the LinkedIn pages of several developers of the studio, indicating that the design of the site would go back at least, to the summer of 2020.

We learn that Pierre-Vincent Béliste (Gameplay Tech Lead) has been working on this overhaul for october 2020, the senior environmental artist Xavier Perreault since September 2020, the senior producer Philippe ducharme since august 2020 and finally, the senior VFX artist Maximilien Faubert since july 2020.

An exit at the end of 2022 at the earliest?

So it’s only been about a year and a half (at least, anyway) that the Dead Space remake is in the pipeline, still foreshadowing a long gestation period given the average scale of AAA games of the genre.

At the last news, EA Motive declared “have no release date for the game” while some knowledgeable people in the industry felt an arrival of the title during the fall of 2022.

Note that the designers have planned to give news regularly, taking the temperature with the players to be sure to go on the right track: proof that the design of the game is not yet close to completion.

What we can in any case affirm in person, is that Dead Space is planned on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series : you can find a lot of information on its content and form at this address.

Brent Dubin
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