Why Wanda Nara forgave Mauro Icardi

Why Wanda Nara forgave Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi’s marriage to Wanda Nara began a new stage after overcoming the scandal of the soccer player’s alleged infidelity with China Suárez.

They became friends. After the alleged infidelity case involving the Argentine soccer player Mauro Icardi with the actress María Eugenia Suárez Riveiro, also known as “China Suárez”, came to light, calm came to the couple made up of the athlete and the businesswomanWanda Nara.

The cheerleader and businesswoman, Wanda Nara, is married to the Argentine soccer player since 2014. She is also a prominent model and actress who participated in plays from 2005 to 2007. In 2009 she was part of “The musical of your dreams” and in 2011 she participated in “Dancing 2011”.

Mauro Icardi , current player for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) , was born in Rosario (Argentina) on February 19, 1993. His position on the playing field is as a forward and is characterized by being one of the best players in the League. 1 from France.

Journalist Angel del Brito, host of the program “El Trece” was the one who made known the messages that China Suárez sent to Mauro Icardi . This would have been discovered by Wanda Nara who could read the conversations that her husband had with his alleged lover.


The alleged infidelity generated a whole wave of criticism against the athlete and actress China Suárez , but despite this, all this situation that put at risk the marriage of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara managed to resolve itself and the couple remains very close. This is how marriage lives a new beginning.

In that sense, Wanda Nara revealed details of how things were clarified between her and her husband where – according to her – the footballer’s sincerity was a fundamental piece for her to forgive him. This was said during an interview with Susana Giménez , whose preview was seen on Tuesday night on Telefe .

“ If I was able to rebuild my relationship it was because Mauro was very sincere and from the other side they told me the same story. Knowing him, there are things that he cannot even lie to me. I think he went (to the meeting) and made a mistake, “ he said.

“ Anything could have happened, but nothing happened. He told me very difficult things, most of the things I learned from him, he gave me details of what had happened, “he added.

Another point he revealed Wanda Nara It was when she indicated that her husband, Mauro Icardi , told her that he would end his football career if the relationship came to an end.

“ He told me that if we separated, he would retire from soccer. He was the one who told me that there was an encounter that was nothing, that it was silly, the mistake of his life. It was here in Paris. I looked into his eyes, we were alone, I believe in his regret. I trust Mauro blindly, if it were not like that, I would not be able to continue with him ”, he said.


Likewise, in the advance of said interview it was possible to know how it was that Wanda Nara found the chats of the alleged infidelity between her husband Mauro Icardi and China Suárez .

“They asked me for a picture of the girls for an invitation and I remembered that I had it on his phone. Then searching I found a chat. I always looked, checked and never found anything and when there was something he would show it to me or I would show him, we have that confidence, we tell each other everything, “he said.


The businesswoman and entertainer revealed that when she found those conversations, she decided to go far away and took a plane to Italy.

“ I got hold of it, took the first plane there was and went home to Italy. He went behind me to find me to talk. I went to another place, I took some time to talk. After talking with friends they told me ‘you are making a mess of things that happen in couples’ and no, not in ours. I said to Mauro: ‘Would you forgive me if you find messages of the same nature on my phone?’ and he told me ‘no, I’m divorcing,’ “he concluded.


Journalist Angel del Brito, host of the program “El Trece” read the messages that China Suárez  sent to Mauro Icardi .

One of the messages was when  China Suárez  told Icardi: ” You are going to separate from your wife .”

” I do not speak with married people, but you are my allowed, ” said another of the messages.

A third message would arrive – from China Suárez – where he points out: ” It hurts to see you with Wanda .”

According Infobae, the driver pointed out that Suárez sent the player these chats, but he quickly blocked them so that the footballer could not respond. But that was not all, because, according to the same portal, the journalist said that the actress also communicated with other footballers.

” I have three names of players, one will be known soon because the woman wants to speak, ” he said.

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