Mauro Icardi and China Suárez

Chats Between Mauro Icardi and China Suárez That Angered Wanda Nara

The rumors of the separation between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara increased after a post by the model in which she showed her hand without the wedding ring. In the message he posted on his Instagram account , he wrote “I like my hand without a ring better”. Now, the one who confirmed the estrangement between the footballer and his representative was Ángel de Brito who, on his social networks, exhibited a capture of the messages sent by the Paris Saint-Germain player and China Suárez .

In addition, the entertainment journalist began his Monday program from Los Angeles a la Mañana (eltrece) with a forceful phrase that shows that there is no going back in the relationship between Icardi and Nara. “ Everything you heard is true! ”, Assured de Brito.

Apparently, all the rumors that have been leaking for days about the scandalous separation between Wanda (34) and Mauro (28) , have China Suárez (29) as the supposed third in contention. In this way, the journalist confirmed that the gossip is authentic .

De Brito also used his Twitter account to show a capture of one of the chats that the actress would have exchanged with the footballer. In the message you can see that the ex-partner of Benjamín Vicuña would have proposed to Icardi that he would like to meet somewhere where no one knew him.

” Someday we have to get out of the fuck you and I, ” says the first sentence that China sent to the PSG player. And he continues: “In some part of the world where they don’t know you.”

In his program, the LAM host detailed the elements that Wanda discovered on the phone of the forward of the Parisian team. And he assured that the model would have already begun to process the divorce papers to be able to separate from Icardi. “ There are not only messages from Instagram, but from Telegram and calls that Wanda found. Everything rotted there , ”de Brito said.

“Separation, divorce, possible trip to Argentina. China Suárez is involved in this story, ”the journalist assured. And the panelist Yanina Latorre added: “It’s all true.”

“There are conversations between Wanda and Benjamín Vicuña. There is everything, ”continued de Brito. While Latorre clarified: “ Wanda left Mauro Icardi based on the messages she found. They are not from Instagram, they are from Telegram ”. In addition, he stressed that “the fox that (Wanda) talks about in his stories is China.”

“Wanda is not answering the phone. Neither do my friends ”,the panelist warned, who said that the scandal exploded last Saturday when the PSG forward asked Wanda for her cell phone and began to check it. “ Very toxic. Typical of the one who sends a c … “, said Latorre.

From that fact, Maxi López’s ex-wife would have done the same and unlike her husband, who found nothing on his phone, she did find an unpleasant surprise. “Obviously there are parts that are erased, China asking Icardi to see each other. He says they did not have sex and China, the same. She sent him photos from the shoot, he from his training sessions . Wanda went crazy and went to Milan, ”said the panelist.

And he added: “Every time Icardi uploaded a photo with Wanda, automatically she (for China) called him and this outraged Wanda because she asked ‘if he was in love’ and ‘how was he with her’ “.

The day that Wanda Nara made fun of China Suárez

Last Saturday the news of the alleged separation between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi was known and the situation unleashed all kinds of speculation after the businesswoman published a message on Instagram that said: “Another family that you charged for a bitch!” .

In turn, the followers of the model found that on the same day he stopped following the footballer and China Suárez , which left the actress in the middle of the controversy. Now, an episode that occurred in 2019 resurfaced in which, together with his sister Zaira Nara , the representative of the PSG striker made fun of the interpreter.

The situation occurred when Zaira was still driving La Peña de Morfi ( Telefe ) and in the program they were talking about Pampita’s anger with Puli Demaría for having taken a photo with China Suárez , with whom the Academy jury would have found next to Benjamín Vicuña , his then partner,  in an intimate moment inside a motorhome when they were both filming the movie The Red Thread .

The event was known in the all media as the motorhome scandal or the Paltagate, since the actress had alleged at that time that she was only “eating avocado, wrapped in a Nepalese blanket.”

Wanda called the program on air to interrupt the debate they were having and made a strong public claim to her sister, who was defending Demaría. “Zaira is telling a lie to the air. I once took a photo of myself in a parade with one and you rewarmed yourself, ”said the businesswoman.

The debate had started because Wanda had taken a photo with Diego Forlán’s new girlfriend , with whom her sister was about to marry. “ In the end, you are one more paltera! “Said Zaira in reference to the actress, a situation that aroused laughter from her sister and the rest of the program table.

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