Eduardo Capetillo Jr. is already preparing his debut as a regional music singer

Eduardo Capetillo Jr. is already preparing his debut as a regional music singer

On why Eduardo Capetillo Jr. leaned more towards the regional genre, unlike his famous parents, who tell several pop hits, the 27-year-old clarified: “It’s what I like the most and what I identify with the most and I practically grew up in the ranch, I grew up in the country, with my grandfather and my father singing those beautiful songs by Jose Alfredo Jimenez”.

“I feel that I bring it and my idea in doing this is always to put the name of Mexico in something, to praise the country, to praise the roots of Mexico of what we Mexicans are, hardworking and proud men and women, thrown forward with enthusiasm, to leave, speak well of our country,” Eduardo acknowledged.

Although it is a very personal project, he declared that he always takes his dad’s opinion and advice into account. “More than guiding me, I listen a lot to his opinion, he is a person that I admire a lot, he is a person with a lot of experience and that admiration makes me listen to him and listen to his opinion.”

“I always wanted to do something for me, although I always listen and ask for the opinion of my parents because in experience they lead me a life and it would be very superb of me not to be able to take those advice from someone who I have so close and that I admire so much.” Eduardo Capetillo Jr. pointed.

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