Just a month ago, Victoria Federica de Marichalar and Borbón made an unprecedented decision in the members of the King’s family. The youngest of the Infanta Elena opened her profiles on social networks to the general public, thus allowing everyone to investigate her content and get to know her more private side a little better.

It is an exhibition that contrasts with the secrecy and discretion that the Crown usually requires of personalities of the position of the young woman, who occupies the fifth position in the line of succession to the throne, after her mother, her brother Felipe Juan. Froilán de Marichalar and her cousins, Infanta Sofía and Princess Leonor.

Considering the number of followers on her Instagram account, the truth is that the figure multiplied in a matter of a few hours when the young woman made her profile public, but little by little it has stagnated and, at the close of this edition, accumulates something more than 79,000 followers. This is a number that may seem significant to any ordinary citizen, but not to someone as popular as Victoria Federica.

José Noblejas, expert in digital marketing and collaborator of different television programs, considers that this stop in the number of followers of Victoria Federica de Marichalar is due to the noticeable “abandonment” of her Instagram profile.

«Its content is very familiar. There is no periodicity or intention, and that has repercussions», explains for this newspaper.

In addition, Noblejas also highlights that the Instagram profile of the infant daughter of Infanta Elena lacks “engagement”, an Anglicism that in this area refers to the commitment and emotional connection that users develop with the “influencer” in question.

«In her case, her number of followers does not correspond to the number of interactions. Their posts have few ‘likes’ and don’t stand out in comments either», explains the expert in digital marketing.

Based on these data, Victoria Federica de Marichalar seems to have it especially difficult when it comes to obtaining sponsorships or advertising contracts.

On the one hand, the more general brands are attracted to profiles with many more followers and could reject the elitist image that the niece of King Felipe VI projects, since its “target” is the majority public.

Although luxury brands could trust Victoria Federica as their image for the simple fact of being linked to the Royal Household, the truth is that the most important, which have a juicy budget to invest in advertising, would go to “influencers” with a much larger number of followers, those who touch or they exceed one million “fans.”

“I can’t imagine Loewe, for example, collaborating with her. Companies of this type prefer much more relevant profiles, with the ability to reach more people,” says Noblejas.

As it is, at this moment the niece of Felipe VI, it would be very difficult for her to earn a living as an “influencer”. Not only because of the limited number of offers that could reach her, but because those that did would not have a very high budget, as the aforementioned expert in digital marketing has commented:

“I consider that any brand that pays more than a thousand Euros to Victoria Federica for a publication would be wasting money and overvaluing it. Right now, for the same reason, you can find much more dynamic profiles”he , ditched.

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