Angélica María will return to the cinema in December

Angélica María will return to the cinema in December

Angelica Maria returns to acting after being absent for a while and she will do so with a recognized platform of streaming. The Mexican will return to the big screen with Hector Bonilla, Renata Notni, Benny Ibarra, Jacqueline Bracamontes, among others in a Christmas movie called A not so Christmas Father.

This story is still part of the plot of A father not so father that came out in 2016 where the characters of Benny and Jacqueline coexist with that of Bonilla to live next to him in a hippie community. The artist’s next project will deal with the famous family’s trip to the beach in order to celebrate Christmas with Aunt “Alicia”, who will be the role played by the lead actress.

Angélica María will be a demanding woman who will have to deal with the character of Héctor called “Don Severino”, who will show that Aunt “Alicia” is a bad person who only sees for herself, even if it means ruining Christmas for all.

The official trailer was already released a few days ago and it has been commented that its premiere will be on December 21 in Netflix. It was directed by Raúl Martínez and written by Eduardo “Donjuan” and Pedro González “Zulu”.

The film will be released on December 21 (Photo: Twitter)

The film will be released on December 21.

Angélica decided to share a series of photographs on her official Instagram account with the following text: “What a thrill to be able to share my next project with you! You don’t know how much fun I had working with Héctor Bonilla and my lovely colleagues. You can not miss it! A not so cool christmas by Netflix soon”.

So her fans were surprised and immediately appeared in his publication with different comments. “You make us so happy”, “There we will be watching it, it will surely be very funny”, “What good news”, “We love it”, “So cute”, “We already missed you”, “We are very excited to see you in this beloved queen movie”, among others.

It is not the first time that Angélica María is part of one of the contents of Netflix. Well, she already did it with The House of Flowers: the movie, which had its premiere in August 2020 and which also featured a dysfunctional family full of secrets, although its story began in a series of three seasons.

The Mexican was part of many productions on television and in the cinema, some of them were: The fan, What a beautiful love, Aurora, Damn inheritance, Wild heart, Love letters, Timed hour, El Chavo del 8, The lovers, My wife and the other, The gang in action and many more.

The famous debuted in different productions since she was little (Photo: Twitter / @ Cuauhtemoc_1251)

The famous debuted in different productions since she was little.

One of her most iconic films was Sin, which marked her start in show business. With only six years of age, Angélica Hartman or Angélica Ortiz, as the “Bride of Mexico” was known at the beginning of her brilliant career, played his first role on the big screen with “Miguelito”.

“Gregorio Walerstein, the most important producer of all, told my sister Yolanda: ‘Hey, don’t you have a kid like her? Because I want a child for my film, a child with his characteristics “, the artist narrated during an interview on the program The minute my destiny changed.

It was then that Angélica showed that she was willing to do anything to have a place on the screen: “I said: ‘Cut my hair and I’ll do it even as a child, but I want to be an artist.’ He cut my hair and I made the ribbon”.

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