She is barely 22 years old and has already achieved everything any artist could wish for. Aitana Ocana has managed to establish herself as one of the most sought-after musical products on the national scene.

Her name came to the homes of the Spanish just four years ago thanks to “Operación Triunfo”, a program by which a smiling and dreamy young woman managed to sneak into the hearts of thousands of teenagers who bet on her angel, her sweetness and her music.

Here we talk about the fact that in addition to her undeniable talent on stage, her perfect image and the great team of advisors she has make her one of the claims most demanded by brands (Tous, Versace, GHD, and Puma).

Collaborate with all of them and obtain a great economic benefit with each bell. She has 2.8 million followers and a huge social impact. They raffle it.

This impact is achieved without entering into controversy. Although she is not very open to talking about her private life, she does not hide. After all, we met her living together for three months in the most famous television academy, and we were witnesses for 24 hours a day of her love beginnings with Luis Cepeda.

To the sadness of many, the relationship did not come to fruition, and almost two and a half years ago, summer 2019, began its particular history together to the actor Miguel Bernardeau, with whom a house was bought in common last year. Very linked and united to her partner’s family, Aitana has witnessed how it is pointed out that the media couple has gone through several crises, even ruptures.

And she has done it in silence. A silence advised by her team, since otherwise it does not favor her in the image she want to show. Her naturalness, spontaneity and, at times, naivety, cause the young woman to manifest herself in her own way when she considers that what is said about her is not real. A recognized feminist, Aitana is music, success, love and, above all, a woman who has come to stay.

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