Vicente Fernández could return home soon; it is said that they are already preparing to receive it for the end of the year festivities.

Vicente Fernández, who has been hospitalized since August 6, could leave the hospital and return home before December 25.

According to information from Juan José Origel, the family of “El Charro de Huentitán” is making the corresponding preparations for the Mexican interpreter to return to the ranch “Los Tres Potrillos” for the end of the year parties.

Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández

The Mexican driver also mentioned that everything is planned so that Vicente Fernández spends the Christmas season at his house sharing with his whole family.

“They told me that Don Vicente Fernández could be, God willing, that for Christmas they take him home. If this is true, the singer will continue with special care, but it is still what the family expects, ”Origel reported.

Despite this encouraging news, so far the interpreter’s family has not mentioned anything about it.

The most recent medical report on Vicente Fernández’s health mentions that the singer left intensive care and has shown great progress in his recovery, which is why what the Mexican driver mentioned may be real.

A little over 100 days after his emergency admission to the Hospital Country 2000 in Guadalajara, worldwide fans of “El Charro de Huentitán” are looking forward to new news about the state of health of the Jalisco idol.

To the relief of his followers, this Monday Camila Fernández, the interpreter’s granddaughter, gave encouraging details about the health of “the King.”

“We are always with him and yes, his recovery is slow, but we are excited to know that he is going well. He is already moving his eyes, his head, his tongue, the truth is that we are very happy with his progress ”, announced Camila Fernández.

The last official update on the status of “Chente” was published on November 3. In this report it was reported that the Mexican singer-songwriter left the intensive care area of ​​the hospital and had an improvement in progress in interaction and function.

Likewise, it was reported that Vicente Fernández is awake during the day and this allows his family to visit him in his room. The media, over the last few weeks, have frequently captured Doña Cuquita, Vicente Jr and their grandchildren leaving the Guadalajara clinic.

Given this, the wife of “Chente”, Doña Cuquita, dared to say that the Mexican singer could continue with his recovery at the ranch of “Los Tres Potrillos”, although he did not give a specific date since everything depends on the decision of the doctors.

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