Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández could leave the hospital before Christmas

After more than three months in hospital, Vicente Fernández could spend Christmas at home, surrounded by his family and in the comfort of home.

After more than three months hospitalized since he had to undergo cervical surgery after a fall at his Los Tres Potrillos ranch, Vicente Fernández could spend Christmas at home, surrounded by his family and in the comfort of home.

The driver Juan José Origel let it be known in the program  With Permission , who assured that they are already waiting for him at the ranch for the King to spend Christmas with his family.

“They told me that Don Vicente Fernández may be, God willing, that for Christmas they take him home,” Origel said.

“If this is true, the singer will continue with special care but it is still what the family expects,” he added.

At the moment the singer’s family has not commented on the matter. However, at the beginning of the month it was known that Don Chente had come out of intensive care and is recovering slowly.

“[My father is] eager, doing his therapies,” Vicente Fernández Jr reported  to the media.

“He knows very well that he is no longer in the room. He has never lost consciousness. He knows that he is no longer in intensive care and that gives us great joy,” he added. “He is giving us a great life lesson.”

Then Fernández Jr said that there were chances that his father would be discharged shortly or at least he can continue his treatment at home is growing.

“Let’s hope [he gets out of the hospital soon]. That’s what [he recovers] is about,” he said.

This week Alejandro Fernández’s daughter Camila, dedicated a few words to her grandfather while he was launching his new single “Mezcal”, and said that although slowly, her grandfather was improving.

“We are always with him and yes, his recovery is slow, but we are excited to know that he is going well. He already moves his eyes, his head, his tongue, the truth is that we are very happy with his progress,” he told the press.

According to the latest report presented on November 3, El Charro de Huentitán left intensive care, stayed awake during the day and interacts with some family members.

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