Alejandra Espinoza , is a Mexican-American beauty queen, model and television presenter who currently has great popularity that daily garners followers from all over. Regarding her professional career we have to say that she won the first year of  Univision’s  beauty contest / reality show Nuestra Belleza Latina in May 2007. 

However, it is not all rosy in her life, since Alejandra was recently hospitalized due to suffering from facial paralysis and loss of sight in one eye. Likewise, after her intervention, the popular presenter affirmed that the doctors who treated her were few professionals to the point of putting her health at risk.

alejandra espinoza salud

Alejandra Espinoza

Currently the beautiful television host is working Nuestra Belleza Latina. This is a beauty pageant produced by Univision . Without a doubt, in each gala of this famous reality show, Espinoza captures everyone’s eyes by showing her various looks that leave everyone in love.

A clear example of this is a publication that she made a few hours ago on her official Instagram account. This series of images belongs to one of the final galas of the contest mentioned in the previous paragraph. In them she appears wearing a colored dress that is characterized by having transparencies. In addition, she not only demonstrated her great figure but also her great beauty.

Clearly, this great fame that Alejandra Espinoza has is reflected in her social networks since every time she makes a publication, her followers react immediately with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising her impressive figure, in addition to everything she posts about her career.

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