Vicente Fernández: his granddaughter cries and asks to pray for the Mexican singer

Vicente Fernández: his granddaughter cries and asks to pray for the Mexican singer

The singer Vicente Fernandez’s health continues to cause concern among his followers and their families

Camila Fernández, granddaughter of the Mexican singer, broke down when asked about the current state of her grandfather, who remains hospitalized in Guadalajara after suffering a fall on his ranch.

The young woman accompanied her father, also the singer Alejandro Fernández, to a concert in Las Vegas. When she left, she was approached by journalists, who asked her how her family is coping with this difficult situation.

“We had such a shock, we are all so sensitive and more trying to encourage him as well as we can, because we send him voice messages, videos and everything. The truth is that we are not twenty to see it like this,” the young woman lamented when she was interviewed by the Aztec program “Suelta la sopa”.

Camila couldn’t help but break when she asked her grandfather’s followers to pray for the patriarch of the Fernández dynasty.

“Pray a lot for him, he needs you so much we need him. Right now we can’t do anything. We want to see it well and we hope that everyone sends us the faith and hope that we also have,” she pointed through tears.


It should be remembered that more than a month has passed since Vicente Fernández was hospitalized in an emergency after suffering a fall in his room at the private ranch Los Tres Potrillos, located in western Mexico.

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