Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina : Natti Natasha reveals why she hid her relationship with Raphy Pina for so long

Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina kept their love affair secretly and now the Dominican explains what led them to take that measure.

Although they have now formed a beautiful family, Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina kept their love relationship secretly for good reason, as explained by the Dominican reggaeton.

The singer confessed on Monday at the show Daily Pop , from E! News , who did not want fans to link his success as an artist to her relationship with the owner of Pina Records.

She also assured that she just wanted people to focus on her music and that they both like to “always work things out in private.”

In 2021, the couple confirmed that they were together during a special appearance in the music video “Inédito” by Spanish singer  Rozzano .

At the end of the video, the singer is seen with Pina, revealing the love story of both in real life, and thus removing all kinds of rumors.

“When I found out how beautiful their relationship is, especially support at a professional level and that feeling  that existed between them, it was inspiring,” Rozzano told GLM. “This has come from them, there was a special connection with ‘Inédito’, with this song”.

“I was pleasantly surprised when Raphy approached me and said: ‘With’ Inédito ‘I felt especially identified. There I stopped Raphy and said:’ I have to confess something to you before you continue speaking and that is ‘Inédito’ I did it inspired by the story of Natti and Raphy, ‘Unpublished’ are you. We hugged each other. I told my family what was happening and they did not believe it. It seemed that it was destiny, it was a magical connection “, the artist told.

After some time together, Vida Isabelle was born , the little girl who has changed both their lives and brought them closer together.

 “We have always been very close, but there is a tenderness, there is something else,” Natti told  GLM about her partner. “We already had the chemistry, the love, the fireworks, but experimenting with the person you love to have a baby is a joy. You admire him more.”

Although it is not yet known when, the couple have considered getting married. “I’m going to enjoy that wedding to all that it gives. Let everyone drink and enjoy,” said the reggaeton.

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