Verdeliss During Her Seventh Pregnancy

Verdeliss During Her Seventh Pregnancy

Verdeliss gave birth to her eighth daughter on February 8 in a controversial delivery that was not without criticism for having made the decision to do it at home with two private midwives.

A month and a half later, the influencer has once again shown the reality of how her postpartum is going and the recovery of her body after her seventh pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is being of great help to her, although she has not yet managed to recover the physique she had before having little Deva and all her clothes are not worth it.

“We tend to think that during pregnancy only the size of the belly increases, but the bone structure grows at the same time as the baby does ,” she revealed.

Although the experience she has had in the six previous pregnancies, she has managed to recover her usual size, but it has “taken longer”. “I notice that she has widened my trunk, my ribs, my hips… “, she has expressed her.

However, she has also wanted to show the positive things about the changes that have occurred in her body in recent months, such as the increase in the size of her breasts with which she is more favored with certain clothes. “The top, however, now fits me better, now I fill it in,” she confessed.

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