Alejandra Rubio, the Daughter of Terelu Campos

Alejandra Rubio, the Daughter of Terelu Campos

Alejandra Rubio shows her new house and the space that Terelu Campos occupies in it

Alejandra Rubio has started a new stage this March at the hands of Carlos Agüera, her partner, going to live together in a different house  after dating for about eight months.

The Viva la vida collaborator wanted to show her followers some of the spaces in her new home, such as the dressing room, the entrance or the reading area .

The decision of the influencer and her boyfriend was not approved by Terelu Campos at first, as she showed in Save me Lemon Tea . “They move further away from my house, let it be clear, I don’t like it at all , but I can put up with it, obviously,” she said.

Although at first Alejandra did not believe that this situation would be problematic, she has finally decided to move house again to be closer to her. “I’m moving next door to the house (Terelu). I want to change. I’m going to be close to my mother ,” she expressed in Viva la vida a month ago.

Her daughter wanted to show her that, despite the fact that they no longer live together, she is always very present in her day-to-day life, showing that she  occupies a very special place in her home.

Alejandra, who has always shown herself to be passionate about reading, has decided to put a photograph of her mother and father on one of the shelves of her new bookstore.

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