Camilo and Evaluna Montaner, in a photo uploaded to Instagram

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner, in a photo uploaded to Instagram

Camilo exudes tenderness on his 28th birthday, the last before becoming a father

The singer Camilo turns 28 just at the gates of becoming a father with his beloved Evaluna Montaner and it was precisely she who opened the box of congratulations that have ended up showering the artist with tenderness. 

“Happy birthday, my love. You can’t imagine how I enjoyed seeing you enjoy your day today ,” Evaluna told him on Instagram along with a photo of both together.

“How lucky I am to live every second by your side! I’ve been celebrating you for 8 birthdays and I’m excited about all the missing ones ,” his girl tells him.

“The next ones will be a little different”, he makes see, because soon he will give birth. “What adventures you and I have lived. Uf and all those to come ! I love you little boy. God shines brightly through you. Japidei”, she ends up telling him.

Of course, Camilo himself responded to that beautiful greeting: “I’ve loved you since before I discovered that you make the best cookies in the world ,” Camilo told her.

“You are the queen and the warmth of this house, and of all the passing places that we call home in life that God allows us to travel in this material world. I love you from now to eternity,” the singer concluded.

But not only Evaluna has congratulated him, also her father, Ricardo Montaner. “The day I met you I knew inside me that you were going to stay with us forever.  Today, Indigo’s dad, you give me pure reasons for happiness, for what a great guy you are, for how full I see my daughter and for the satisfaction you give me every day with your rising career”, his father-in-law told him, blessing him and wishing him a happy birthday.

Already overwhelmed by so much love, both from his family and his fans, Camilo had just posted a thank you on Instagram: ” Thank you for all the love you have given me today! Each message surprises me a lot because I seriously confirm that what we have built together is MEANINGFUL AND BEAUTIFUL”, said the artist.

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