Vanessa Guzmán responded to criticism about the transformation of her face and explained the reasons for the change in her face.

Through her Instagram account, actress Vanessa Guzmán posted a message explaining why her face looks different.

“The result of a HIGH PERFORMANCE training, (term that applies only to people who compete) leads to excess fat loss, for competition purposes that well carried out allows you to see true transformations in your body and everything changes! ! ”, explained Vanessa Guzman, who is now dedicated to bodybuilding.

“Yes, even the factions, for all those who criticize, give their opinion or justify themselves but in the end they are very aware of me, that term is known as “skull face” and it is more evident during “peak week”, as I said… Only high-performance athletes achieve it…”, said Vanessa Guzmán.

Vanessa Guzman pointed out that the only way to get a face like hers is with hyaluronic acid, which she denied having, as she assured that all the transformation of her body and face is due to exercise.

Vanessa Guzmán’s fans expressed their support for her in the comments and pointed out that she has a spectacular body.

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