With bohemian style and many comedians: this was the romantic wedding of Alex Fernández and Yara Cavazos

This was the romantic wedding of Alex Fernández and Yara Cavazos

The standupero Alex Fernández married photographer Yara Cavazos in a romantic place surrounded by great personalities of Mexican comedy and entertainment.

Among the guests who attended the celebration were Capi” Pérez, Mau Nieto, Ricardo O’Farrill, Diego Zanassi and even the politician Pedro Kumamoto. Thus, with an extremely festive atmosphere, everyone gathered in a beautiful outdoor place surrounded by trees, hanging lights and wooden details, which is located in Oaxaca.

Alex Fernández appeared in a blue suit, while his wife in a traditional strapless white dress with lace. But without any doubt, a moment that moved those present was when the couple walked down the main hall to start the marriage ritual.

In some videos shared by social networks, the comedian can be seen holding his mother’s arm, while walking to a lush tree. Later Yara appeared with an autumnal bouquet of flowers and holding it up in victory.

Amid the shouts and applause of the acquaintances, he approached his partner, while he watched her sincerely, moved. Already in place, he was also standupero, Fran Hevia, who served as master of ceremonies drew more than one tear from those present.

The ceremony was held in Oaxaca.
The ceremony was held in Oaxaca.

Later, the newlyweds moved into the party area and were greeted with the traditional white napkins waving in the air. In addition, they immediately took to the track to star in a romantic pirouette and later, Fernández tripped over the train of the bride’s dress, but the incident did not happen to adults.

The decoration of the tables was quite simple, but achieving great intimacy, since they were decorated with multiple plants and all the wooden details contrasted with a discreet white tablecloth. To liven up the event there was a jazz band.

As for the wedding menu, the guests were offered as a snack: mountain potato barbecue, guacamole with local herbs and taco of nopales with jerky.

The couple was surrounded by friends.
The couple was surrounded by friends.

For starters, the following were served: chileatole with creole squash, tender corn, chochoyotes and pumpkin guides. While the main course was grilled chicken with almond mole, cauliflower roasted in butter, olives and gratin cheese; fish the shepherd and pico de gallo.

For dessert, all attendees were able to enjoy a delicious guava flan, rosita de cacao ice cream and coffee crumble. As well as peanut nicuatole with hibiscus and seasonal fruit.

At night, amidst multicolored lights and music of all kinds, both the guests and the newlyweds were happy. Even at some point they carried the couple and both smiled around all their loved ones.

Some of the guests did not take long to show their happiness for the couple and expressed some nice words from their social networks:

Alex Fernández and Yara Cavazos for when the wedding is part 4 please let me know, I have ideas. It could be underwater, think about it. I love you very much, I did not cry like that at a wedding since Ana Y Diego’s. I wish you continue to shine and inspire as chicows always do. I reiterate that I love you,” wrote Ricardo O’Farrill.

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