A new chapter is written in the one already known as ‘Wanda Gate’. Mauro Icardi’s disloyalty to Wanda Nara with the Argentine actress and model China Suárez continues to give a lot to talk about not only in Argentina but also on the other side of the pond.

And it is that none of its protagonists is willing to keep silent and every day new plots happen that further enliven this media conflict.

Argentine television is preparing for the imminent broadcast of the full interview with Wanda Nara -with the participation of Icardi- in Paramount Plus where the businesswoman will thoroughly address the matter and will tell in detail how things happened.

To warm up engines, the Telefé channel has issued a preview where you can see the also representative of soccer players telling how she discovered the messages from China Suárez on her husband’s mobile phone.

After the emission of these images, the reaction of the third in discord has not been long in coming.

China Suárez has used her social networks, where she has more than 5.7 million followers, to launch a poisoned dart that would directly target Icardi’s wife.

“Talking shit about others is not going to reduce shit in your life,” the actress publishes through the stories from Instagram. It seems that the ‘war’ between China and Wanda continues despite the fact that the businesswoman has publicly acknowledged that she apologized to the young woman after the scandal and the controversial publication where she wrote “another family that you charged for a bitch”.

China Suárez will also break her silence

The actress’s testimony is another of the most sought after in this ‘Wanda Gate’. If Wanda Nara agreed to speak with Susana Giménez, one of the queens of Argentine television, China Suárez will do the same with journalist Alejandro Fantino. It will be on the Star + platform next Monday, November 29 with exclusive content for its subscribers.

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