María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique have confirmed that they are expecting another baby

The press of the social chronicle continues with its eyes wide open as a result of the publication of María José Campanario and Jesulín de Ubrique who waiting for a third child in common.

This has been announced in their main magazine, ensuring that it was a pregnancy that they did not expect but that has filled the family with joy and enthusiasm.

Several voices assure that Julia Janiero, the eldest daughter of the couple, is delighted with the good news and helps her mother in whatever way she can. In the case of the bullfighter, it is his third son, a new member of the family who will change the distribution of the millionaire inheritance.

Thus, now the heritage of Jesulín de Ubrique will be divided between four instead of three. Although the bullfighter wanted to make life easy for the children resulting from his marriage to María José Campanario, the law would oblige him to maintain a two-thirds percentage of Andrea Janeiro, despite the fact that, as Belén Esteban herself has confirmed ago little “she doesn’t want to know any of this.”

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