Gloria Camila explodes at her latest attack: “Your father is a murderer”

Gloria Camila explodes at her latest attack: “Your father is a murderer”

The bullfighter’s daughter is tired of receiving criticism through social networks

The premiere of the documentary series of the daughter of ‘the greatest’ gave rise to a heated social debate that divided much of the public opinion between the defenders of Rociito and all those who do not believe in her account of alleged gender violence.

In the middle of the controversy is Gloria Camila, the sister of Rocío Carrasco, who does not have no kind of relationship with her for years and she is very close to Rocío Flores, her niece. Her stance has cost her some enemies, most of them coming from social networks.

But the thing has not stopped there, and that is that the user has continued to pour out her verbiage against Gloria Camila without her even participating.

“No matter how much you report, your life is on television, if not, stay home and out. Your father, murderer, your non-biological father“, added the person in question, while Gloria Camila has only commented a “go” before received messages.

By way of complaint, the young woman has shared these messages with her more than 800,000 followers on her Instagram account, making them see the brutality of the texts that she has to face day in and day out.

It is not the first time that Gloria Camila or Rocío Flores share this type of messages, threats, and attacks that arrive in her inbox on a daily basis since ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ was released.

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